Rent + Buy  
Smallsize instruments

You or your child wish to play a stringed instrument?

Very often you can’t say how long the interest will last or if your child will soon out grow and need the next size instrument. Buying a cheap instrument fails to provide the expected enjoyment. These instruments often don’t function properly. For that reason we developed our rent-buy arrangement. This enables you, or your child to play a good sounding and properly functioning instrument, for a nominal rental and low risk.

RENT - BUY ARRANGEMENT for student instruments

You can rent whole kits. That means instruments with bow, case, rosin and if necessary a shoulder rest as well. We take the risk of depreciation caused by use (pegs, fingerboard, bridge, varnish, strings, liming, contamination, rehairing of bow ) .

Not included is damage caused by accident, improper use and loss. We offer insurance cover for musical instruments for 3 Euro per month. If you decide to buy the instrument later, we will reduce the purchase price by 6 rental payments. If you choose another instrument out of the rent-buy programm, we will refund half the rental payments (max. 6 months) If you wish to buy a new instrument, you can trade your rent –buy instrument in, and we guarantee your purchase price minus depreciation and necessary repairs.

Violin/ Viola/Classical Guitar/Cello:
Worth up to EUR 250.- rate EUR 12.- / month Worth up to EUR 300.- rate EUR 13.50
Worth up to EUR 350.- rate EUR 15.- / month Worth up to EUR 400.- rate EUR 16.50
Worth up to EUR 450.- rate EUR 18.- / month Worth up to EUR 500.- rate EUR 19.50
Worth up to EUR 550.- rate EUR 21.- / month Worth up to EUR 600.- rate EUR 22.50
Worth up to EUR 650.- rate EUR 24.- / month Worth up to EUR 700.- rate EUR 25.50
Worth up to EUR 750.- rate EUR 27.- / month Worth up to EUR 800.- rate EUR 30.00

More expensive instruments are charged out at 3% of retail price per month.